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Explore our documentation to find helpful resources and examples to integrate Datatrans. Our documentation will help you understand possible payment flows or show you how to integrate our payment gateway into your web or mobile applications.

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New to online payments or first time dealing with transactions through Datatrans? Read our Getting Started page to understand our role in the e-payment business.

Our documentation was rewritten, optimized, and released a few months ago. If you are an existing merchant, check this page to see what's new. Your existing integrations will continue to work. We encourage existing merchants however to switch to our new integration methods and API endpoints to profit from its improved capabilities.


Add Datatrans to your web or mobile application and start accepting online payments. Check out the links below to understand the possible payment flows at Datatrans.

Customer Initiated Payments

Process your customer-initiated payments through Datatrans. Let your customers pay online during their checkout on a web or mobile application. If required, save their card details for faster purchases or recurring payments.

Merchant Initiated Payments
Process your customers' saved card information through server to server API calls and debit them without any customer interaction. Subscriptions and recurring payments can be done easier and in a flexible way through our gateway.

After The Payment
Once you have finalized a payment, you can process your transactions in different ways. Settle, cancel, refund, or check the status of a transaction.

Marketplace Payments
With a single authorization, you can split the payout process to different parties, allowing you to process payments for marketplaces.


Once you are ready to integrate us, check the links below to check the integration options we offer.

Redirect & Lightbox
Redirect to our payment pages or display our lightbox as an overlay on your page.

Secure Fields
Offer a seamless experience in your applications with Secure Fields using your own design.

Mobile SDK
Add native payment elements to your iOS and Android mobile applications.

API Endpoints
Use our server to server API endpoints to process specific merchant actions.

Payment Methods

Check out this section of our documentation to find test payment details and learn about the specifics of each payment method.

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