Currency Codes and Minor Units

Our API adheres to ISO 4217 standards for currency representation to provide flexibility and ensure accurate calculations. This means we support a wide range of currencies, including those with varying decimal places. In general, our API accepts any currency as long as the processing setup is available - in other words: your acquiring contract for that given payment method supports the currency.

Understanding minor units

Our API always expects amounts to be provided in minor units. This means submitting the smallest possible denomination of the given currency. The number of decimal places (exponent) required varies by currency:

  • Exponent 0 (No decimals): BIF, BYR, CLF, DJF, GNF, ISK, JPY, KMF, KRW, PYG, RWF, UGX, UYI, VND, VUV, XAF, XOF, XPF
  • Exponent 3 (Three decimals): BHD, IQD, JOD, KWD, LYD, OMR, TND
  • Exponent 2 (Two decimals, most common): EUR, CHF, GBP, USD, and any other currency.

Currency and their amount examples

For clarity, here are a few examples of how you need to calculate amounts depending on the respective minor unit and how to pass them to our API:

  • JPY 1000: Submit 1000 since the Japanese Yen (JPY) has no decimals. This represents 1000 whole yen.
  • USD 50.50: Submit 5050 since US Dollars (USD) have two decimals. This represents fifty dollars and fifty cents.
  • KWD 0.250: Submit 250 since Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD) have three decimals. This represents a quarter of a dinar.

If you have questions about handling a specific currency, please contact us.