Error Messages

This page describes the possible error codes you may encounter with your transactions. Some of these error messages are only returned if for specific integrations.


Error message are not always available

Please note some special errors do not contain any detailed error message. Whenever available, we return a human-readable error message.

Error codeExplanation
DECLINEDProbably the most common error of all, your transaction was declined. This can have various reasons. Please refer to the error message for more details.
SOFT_DECLINED3DS 2.0 requires this transaction to do a 3D Secure authentication to complete the authorization. Please note that this error will only be returned if you are processing transactions with 3DS 2.
UNKNOWN_ERRORAn unknown error occurred. This should not be returned. If you encounter such an error, please contact us and provide the transactionId of that transaction.
UNAUTHORIZEDYour merchantId is not authorized to access this API endpoint.
INVALID_TRANSACTION_STATUSThe performed action cannot be done for this specific transactionId. For example, if you try to settle an already settled transaction.
TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUNDThe transactionId you are trying to process cannot be found. Either it is inexistent or it belongs to a different merchantId.
INVALID_JSON_PAYLOADThe syntax of your JSON payload is wrong.
UNRECOGNIZED_PROPERTYJSON payload contains an unrecognized property.
INVALID_PROPERTYA property with the JSON payload has a wrong format.
CLIENT_ERRORWe return this error when there is no specific error code available related to your request. For example when using GET instead of POST.
SERVER_ERRORWe return this error when there was an error on our side.
EXPIRED_CARDThe card is expired.
INVALID_CARDThe card number is invalid.
BLOCKED_CARDThe card is blocked.
UNSUPPORTED_CARDYour merchantId does not support this card brand.
INVALID_ALIASThe token is invalid.
INVALID_CVVThe card security code is invalid.
DUPLICATE_REFNOYou are trying to use a refno that was used previously. Please try again with a unique refno.
BLOCKED_BY_VELOCITY_CHECKERWe return this error if at least 20 wrong tokens were used in the past 15 minutes.
INVALID_SETUPYour merchantId seems to have a setup issue. Please contact us for more details.
INVALID_SIGNThe sign value is wrong. This error message is part of our Legacy APIs and is no longer returned in newer integrations.