Currency Conversion

Planet offers merchants two innovative solutions to enhance the shopping experience for consumers by providing flexibility in currency choices: Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency Processing (MCP). Both solutions are designed to make transactions more convenient and user-friendly for consumers, fostering a more inclusive global marketplace. Currently, only Mastercard and Visa are supported.

The payouts you will receive from us will remain in your preferred merchant currency.


Interested in offering DCC or MCP?

Reach out to us anytime if you are interested in integrating our currency conversion products for your users! We will ensure that DCC and MCP are seamlessly incorporated into your payment flows.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

DCC significantly improves the online shopping experience by offering customers the option to choose between the merchant's currency and their own card's currency during transactions. This feature adds transparency to the pricing and allows customers to make more informed decisions about their purchases, eliminating surprises in currency conversion rates or additional fees on their card statements.

DCC is accessible through our Redirect & Lightbox and Mobile SDK integration. Implementing DCC requires no modifications to your existing merchant integration. It is a global feature that we can activate directly in your merchant settings, streamlining the process and minimizing the effort on your part.

DCC automatically detects the issuing country of the customer's card. If the card is eligible, it presents a currency conversion screen using Planet's most recent exchange rate. Customers can choose their preferred currency and review the updated currency conversion rate before completing their transaction. This ensures a transparent and hassle-free payment experience.

Multi-Currency Processing

MCP empowers businesses to accept payments in various currencies, catering to a global customer base. This service simplifies the shopping process for international customers, as they can view prices and make payments in a currency they are familiar with, leading to a more seamless and satisfying shopping experience.

Planet offers two types of Multi-Currency Processing (MCP): Dynamic MCP and Static MCP. Dynamic MCP lets you refresh and access the most recent currency rates at your convenience, providing real-time exchange data. On the other hand, Static MCP allows you to set your preferred rates.

MCP is accessible through our Redirect & Lightbox, Secure Fields, and Mobile SDK integration. Implementing MCP requires various changes that will depend on the integration. You need to call an API to retrieve the currency rates and then apply a way in your frontend to let the user change from one currency to another. The dynamic and static API call details are outlined in Multi-currency processing.