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3D Secure 2

Merchant onboarding guide


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Acquirers and issuers in first regions have to be ready for 3D Secure 2 as of 1st of April 2019. On this date the ramp-up phase for the merchant onboarding starts.

1st of April 2019, start of the ramp-up phase.

Due to the tight timeline for technical implementation, we expect delays on the side of some acquirers and issuers as well as a rising learning curve and an adaption phase.

3D Secure

We will support you with the migration from 3D Secure 1 to 3D Secure 2, whilst trying to keep your required technical resources efforts to a minimum.


The Credit Cards schemes released the version 2 of 3D Secure for secure e-commerce and mobile payments. In addition, 3D Secure 2 helps to comply with PSD2 and SCA.


Advantages of 3D Secure 2 according to the Credit Card schemes:

Enhance conversion

  • Support of frictionless flow
  • No card enrollment during the payment process
  • Harmonized look and feel

Enhance security

  • Risk based analysis
  • Strong customer authentication
  • Strong support of biometry

Support new technology

  • Strong support of mobile devices
  • Supports non-payment customer authentication as for Wallets or Card on File

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3D Secure 2

Merchant onboarding guide

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