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Check out Integrations to get an overview which of our APIs already support 3D Secure 2.

Merchant action

Verify if standard integrations are used and supported or switch to our newest APIs. For further questions contact us .


Acquirers will enroll all merchants for 3D Secure 2 who are already registered for 3D Secure 1. We are actively working with acquirers to receive all information needed for the merchant enrollment.

Merchant action

Stay informed with your acquirer and Datatrans regarding further information on auto enrollment. Most merchants do not need to apply any changes.

New data

There is a bunch of New data demanded.

Merchant action

Check out New data to get an overview. Most merchants do not need to apply any changes.

Data privacy

As there is an extended data transfer to card schemes.

Merchant action

Verify your Data privacy policy and adjust if needed.

Update Branding

Some card schemes did a rebrand of the 3D Secure logos.

Merchant action

Verify if there are old 3D Secure logos displayed on your side and replace them if needed with the new ones.

Updated about a year ago


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