Explore our documentation for helpful resources and examples to integrate Planet's Datatrans gateway. Our documentation will help you understand possible payment flows or how to integrate our payment gateway into your web, mobile, and backend applications.

Payments Flows

Add various payment flows to your web, mobile, or backend application and start processing online payments. Check out the links below to understand the possible payment flows available with the Datatrans gateway.

Process your customer-initiated payments through Datatrans. Let your customers pay online via web or iOS & Android applications. If required, save their card details for faster purchases or recurring payments.

Process your customers' saved card information through server-to-server API calls and debit them without any customer interaction. Subscriptions and recurring payments can be processed in milliseconds through our gateway.

Once you or your customers have completed a transaction, you can manage your transactions in different ways. Settle, cancel, refund, or check the status of a transaction.


Once you are ready to integrate with us, check the links below for our various integration flows.

Redirect to our payment pages or display our lightbox as an overlay on your page.

Offer a seamless experience in your applications with Secure Fields using your desired user experience.

Add native payment flows to your iOS and Android mobile applications with our Mobile SDK integration.

Check our server-to-server API endpoints to process specific merchant actions, such as settle, cancel, refund, and more.

Payment methods

Check out this section of our documentation to find more information on individual payment methods.