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Payment Page

The merchant has the possibility to choose from two different integrations of the responsive Payment Page. Both, the Redirect Mode and the Lightbox Mode can be styled individually.

Pros and cons


:white-check-mark+: Pros

:x+: Cons

  • Safest way
  • no <iframe> needed
  • Leaving the merchants checkout page
  • The Browsers URL bar shows
  • Not leaving the merchants checkout page
  • The Browsers URL bar shows the merchants site.
  • "Glitches" on older smartphones
  • Some payment methods like 3D credit card payments or PayPal need a redirect anyway.

Custom Integration

In some cases a merchant might want to do a payment method preselection on its website. The Datatrans Redirect and Lightbox mode allow such customization by changing the paymentmethod parameter.

Choose Redirect or Lightbox Mode for Custom Integration

As calling a dedicated payment method often leads to a redirect to payment methods landing page anyway, the Redirect Mode is the most appropriate choice for Custom Integration.


Since lightbox usage on a smartphone could lead to UI glitches, we automatically do a fullscreen redirect if the lightbox is getting invoked from a smartphone. The return parameter mode=lightbox-to-redirect indicates if such a redirect happended during the transaction.

Overwrite the automatic redirect behaviour on smartphones

Use parameter mode=your-mode to overwrite the above mentioned behaviour.

Updated 4 months ago

Payment Page

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