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Marketplace Payments

With our marketplace integration, you can start splitting payouts of a single transaction with as many sub-merchants as you want and add your marketplace fee to take your part out of the transaction. Your transactions are fully compliant with financial regulatory standards and you do not act as a middle-man since the money flow does not happen via your bank accounts. We currently support Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, or Google Pay transactions within our marketplace integration.

Interested in our Marketplace solution? Join our closed beta!

Our Marketplace product is currently being revamped. We are working on improving onboarding processes for new marketplaces and their sub-merchants. The new solution will also support more than just Mastercard and Visa payments. Until our new solution is ready for the public, we will only accept a limited number of new marketplaces to our current solution and its upcoming closed beta.

Get in touch with us today if you are interested in joining our closed beta and we'll make sure to advise you accordingly. Send us a message anytime by using this link and we'll get back to you.

Process Overview

A marketplace transaction follows the same behavior as other integrations: You initially create an authorization, which can involve goods of several sellers (sub-merchants) on your marketplace (eg. CHF 10.00). This transaction can be done with or without 3D Secure, depending on your acquiring agreement. Once the authorization has been completed, you can start with the marketplace settlement requests, which will define which portion of the transaction a sub-merchant will receive (eg. split in two - CHF 4.00 for sub-merchant 1 and CHF 6.00 for sub-merchant 2).

Onboarding of New Sub-merchants

Each seller needs to be onboarded by the marketplace owner and will be verified by the acquirer - involving their own KYC and AML requirements. Once a sub-merchant has been successfully onboarded, a new subMerchantId will be assigned. Store these IDs to process your settlement requests. Please be aware that the onboarding process of new sub-merchants is performed by your acquirer.

Marketplace Requests

For customer-initiated payments, you need to process your authorizations with a deferred settlement. After a transaction has been fully authorized, you can start sending your settlement requests including the marketplace details. For each sub-merchant, you will have to send a separate settlement request, where you define the portion that the sub-merchant gets and a marketplace fee. After a settlement, you can send refund requests. For merchant-initiated payments, you can also send the parameters below within your authorization requests, but you will have to settle transactions automatically for this to work.

Additional Parameters

You need to include a marketplace fee that is higher than the acquiring fees, or your transaction may result in an error within the acquirer's payout process. Please refer to our section marketplace settlements or marketplace refunds to see details on how to send the parameters below in your requests.

  • closeTransaction: Set the value to true once you want to block a transaction from further settlement requests. This parameter is only required for deferred settlements.
  • subMerchantId: The ID of your sub-merchant as defined by your acquirer.
  • fee - amount, currency: Your fee for your marketplace offerings that you want to take out of each operation. The acquiring fees will be automatically deducted from this amount.


You can only refund the amount that was previously settled. If you have a settled transaction amounting to CHF 10.00, the maximum amount you are allowed to refund is CHF 10.00. You can also refund a lower amount if required, which would trigger a partial refund. For settlements that were split, such as the example with two sub-merchants (CHF 6.00 + CHF 4.00), you will have to send two refund requests to refund the full amount of the authorization.

The cardholder will receive the full amount credited to their card account. The marketplace will receive the scheme and acquiring fees back from the refunded transaction and also the marketplace fee defined in the refund request. The marketplace fee from the refund will be charged to the sub-merchant. Refunds will be initiated once enough transactions have been processed to cover the amounts to be refunded.

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Marketplace Payments

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