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API Usage


Please make sure to always use TLS version 1.2 when interacting with the Datatrans APIs.

Payment Page (Browser)


APIs (Server to server)


URL Path

Settlement, Credit (Refund), Cancel

Payment status

Productive API URLs

Login to our Webadmin Tool to find your productive URLs under
"UPP Administration" --> "UPP Data" --> "Service URLs"


Please carefully review our Security section before you start making productive payments.


The POST URL will be used as a webhook to notify a merchant's server when a transaction was made. Please refer to our dedicated POST URL section to get more details.

Health check URL

This url returns a general status about the health of our payment platform. Please bear in mind that third party systems are not included in this check. If the application is ok this Url will return a Http Status 200 and the string "ok"


Alway send a unique reference number so you can later identify your transaction.

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API Usage

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